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Interview with Jessica Mandella

Please tell us about your latest release! Over Christmas I published DreamBabes, the sequel to DreamWalker. It takes up where DreamWalker left off, and follows the lives of over 30 people through 18 years across 24 chapters. Your favorite characters you know from DreamWalker plus some more. What was your inspiration for this novel? Multidimensional life as a Quantum Mainframe Hyperspace DreamCatcher. What can I say? I write what I know! Who will your book appeal to? Anyone who likes SciFi spicy romance, anyone who wishes Heinlein took the kink further in Time Enough for Love, anyone who wants to experience life uncensored. What authors inspire you? All the classic SciFi greats, Selena Kitt, a host of indies out there. Are there authors that you follow? Who and Why? Too many. Right now I'll drop a name to watch... Angela Shearer. And Ripley Archer. I read the Book of Menace and it's like wakin

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