Sunday, December 29, 2013

Five Stars IVY VINES

Ivy Vines by Judy Serrano ***** 5 Stars What happens when a complicated, beautiful young seer becomes the obsession of Lucifer? What exactly is it about what she sees that has driven the Devil to near madness, and why are 2 complete strangers willing to risk their lives to save her? Ivy Vines is a twisted paranormal romance surrounding Ivy, a gifted seer who just wants to return to her home and live a normal life. Quickly, nothing is what it seems, and Ivy finds herself in grave danger. The question quickly becomes who can she trust as events begin to spiral in a direction not intended. Ivy Vines is not only a romance but also I would place it in the suspense genre because you are never sure what is going to happen next. It was not predictable or sappy. The characters were believable. What I especially enjoyed about Ivy Vines was it was not the 'normal paranormal."

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