Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Awakening Book One of the Judas Curse

***** 5 Plus Star Review Book One of The Judas Curse The Awakening by Angella Graff, First off, if my rating system went higher than 5 stars, this book would get it. I am not one to rant or rave the praises of too many books, and I give honest reviews, so if I say buy this book, then buy this book. I have been lucky to review several very talented Indies, and Angella is more than talented. From the first chapter, I could not stop reading. Ben, one of the main players from the start, is believable. He is cynical, determined, somewhat apprehensive...everything you would imagine a seasoned Detective to be in the real world. Mark is intriguing from the get-go, and Abby will certainly remind you of someone you personally know. The subject matter of the book is incredibly interesting, one that has a natural draw to human curiosity just when you think you know what is happening, Angella throws in a sideways twist you don't see coming and I found myself not wanting to stop reading despite the fact I really needed to go to bed. (I know, you are saying right now, give me a clue about the book subject...) I am not one to do spoilers, in fact, I despise people who do those type of reviews. If I wanted to know what the book was about in five minutes, I would ask for a synopsis and not the book, so here is a little snipet...What if what you believed was the truth about Judas was a lie? What if his importance was far greater than mankind could ever understand, so important it was not only a burden but a curse? Angella Graff is going to set the world on fire with this book, and if you don't purchase it, you will never know how much talent this young woman has or that you may have just possibly missed the read of the year. The only word of advice I would offer is in the first chapter or two, the pronoun usage is a little heavy. It does not deter from the read in any manner whatsoever, and it's correct in the manner used, but as someone who has had more than few agents offer me personal advice on what to do and what not to do, this is something they tend to look at closely. Again, fantastic subject, fantastic storyline, not drawn out, not strung along to just add another page...the Judas Curse is worth every single penny~
amazon link  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AMJDAJ2